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    Wierzba attends PEAK Training

    Monica Wierzba, Interior Designer with Samuels Group|Environments, recently completed PEAK (Product, Environment, Application, and Knowledge) training. This training is Herman Miller, Inc.’s (HMI) comprehensive healthcare learning program for certification of HMI dealer/healthcare design.

    During the training, PEAK trainees attended intensive classes hosted by Herman Miller experts.  Each week of the training had a different focus.  The first week emphasized patient care, the second on ambulatory care and the third on labs and pharmacies.  The classes were designed to show trainees how Herman Miller Healthcare products are used in a real-world setting.  Those attending PEAK training were given homework, did group presentations and took exams on the materials presented to them.

    Once the intensive requirements of PEAK training are met by designers, their certification indicates their competency in designing healthcare spaces for the ever-changing landscape of the healthcare environment.  PEAK trained designers are able to incorporate Herman Miller Healthcare Products that improve safety, efficiency and patient outcomes.  This type of healthcare training is unique to Herman Miller and the only kind of its type offered in the industry.

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