Skilled Interior Designers provide project and design services support to the Environments team. Designers are responsible for creating space plans and renderings, designing custom furniture pieces, selecting fabric and finishes, and generating quotes and budgets.
Commercial Interior Designer Services:
• Space planning 
• Furniture reconfiguration 
• Inventory management
• Reuse existing office furniture if applicable 
• Recommendations 
• Coordinate finish selections 

Keli's favorite thing about being an Interior Designer: 

"Making clients spaces functional and appealing, and with the industry always changing we’re always introduced to new products and finishes!"

Phone: 715.841.1954

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Jennifer's favorite thing about being an Interior Designer: 

"I love bringing separate pieces together into one cohesive project that looks like it was made for the space. I also really enjoy the look on the owner's face when they tell me how much they love their new space!"

Phone: 715.841.1911

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Andrea's favorite thing about being an Interior Designer: 

" I enjoy being able to learn about a variety of company cultures and the challenge of coming up with creative solutions to manipulate space, texture, color, and furniture in efforts to provide efficient workspaces and provoke a company’s unique culture." 

Phone: 715.841.1952

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Taylor's favorite thing about being an Assistant Interior Designer: 

"I really like being pushed to think outside the box.  Everyday there is something new and challenging, especially with the evolving trends and various different styles."

Phone: 715.841.1803

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