Simple, Sleek and Screaming with History

Looking back at cultural changes and historical time frames, we think about many things… but have chairs ever crossed your mind? I can honestly say, chairs have never been the first thing to pop into my mind when I think about history. However, after visiting the The Art of Seating: Two Hundred Years of American Design Exhibition at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, I can say with confidence they are evidence of cultural shifts and historical decades.

Each piece of furniture represents a certain time period and when you walk through the exhibition you see the historical movements through the intricate designs, bright colors and evolving technology. It’s incredible to see the chairs from all different cities, states and countries. The chairs speak on behalf of the lifestyle, cultural beliefs and traditions that vary between locations and people.

“The Art of Seating Exhibition at the museum was fantastic,” as Jenny Henke, Environments Administrator, puts it. She continued to explain her thoughts about this particular exhibit, “I love museums in general, but seeing how something as simple as a chair can change and adapt to the material and technological innovations of its time period is very interesting. It was fun to see how ergonomics was first introduced through seating especially because at Environments we strive to create functional yet safe and comfortable work places for our clients.”

We encourage you to check out the exhibit that runs through August 28, 2016 and see what we are talking about. It’s likely you will leave with an understanding of the intimate connection between history and the chair you sit on every day.

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