Tip or Treat: Our Favorite Fall Tips This October

After “falling” into Autumn together with our abundance of storage tips this past September, it’s time we share our favorites!

1. Taiga Coat Trees & Umbrella Stands.

This coat tree is truly the be all end all of coat trees. This product has eight hooks on it, talk about being efficient! The Taiga Coat Tree also has an additional feature, or umbrella stand, that allows it to serve more purpose in the office other than hanging that Fall pea coat we know you love!

2. Wishbone Coatstand.

This product is the simplest form of chic. The slender design makes this coatstand easy to place anywhere in the office and still serve its purpose. We love this product because you can have fun with one of the many colors this product is available in or you can bring elegance to the office space with the black and copper look.

3. TU Storage.

TU Storage by Herman Miller is certainly not a product to be overlooked. This system allows for a personalized environment in which people can have easy accessibility to all of their belongings. Each storage element has a variety of paint color options, laminates and wood and veneer to create optimal customization for each individual

With so many great storage ideas, it may be difficult to choose only one and there really is no easy way to do it. The key is to think of which of these options are going to work best for your environment’s needs. Maybe our tip will be your treat this October!

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