This One Thing Will Change Your Tradeshow Booth!

If you have ever coordinated or worked a tradeshow booth, you know how difficult it can be to perfectly fit all your display items into your small booth and invite people to stop in and talk. Well, try this one thing to change your experience - add a café table!

Consider the value that this type of table can bring:

  • These sleek high-top tables are designed for small spaces (like your booth) and they offer contemporary design with many color/style options to blend with your booth theme (they look cool!)

  • The tables are a great option to display your brochures and promotional gifts. You may even find you can do without the long table that is usually provided to you and use that space to showcase your product instead (they are functional and save space!)

  • This is the really cool thing, people seem to find the tables inviting and like to COME IN and gather around them (they talk with you!)

  • If you don’t like to stand, you can add two high-top chairs. People say these chairs are more comfortable than the folding metal chairs and your staff will like them too (they are inviting and comfortable!)

  • You can use the tables for a variety of functions once they get back to your office whether it be to display products, serve food, or maybe even help out your employees with back pain or those that simply need to stretch (they are versatile!)

With the Spring tradeshow season quickly approaching, you have something new to consider that will make your co-exhibitors happy-jealous! Purchase this tradeshow accessory as a 3-piece set or individually – either way, we are certain you will love them! Call us today at 715.841.1955 for more details.

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