A Day Spent Working at the Renew Link System

Do you ever have trouble focusing on the tasks you have to get done for the day? Do your to-do lists turn into short novels? That is exactly what was happening to me last Thursday morning.

I couldn’t get comfortable at my desk. I felt stiff and tired. I knew if I could just get up, I’d wake up a little bit and be more productive. That’s when I took the idea of working at the Renew Link system we had just installed in the office showroom to my manager.

It took a few minutes for me to move my work over to the Renew Link system and not long after I began my to-do list my manager decided to join me to get the full effect of collaborating in this type of work space.

The entire workstation of the Renew Link system from Herman Miller is height-adjustable and allows you to sit or stand comfortably while you are working. The system is multi-adjustable making it easy to customize it for your specific needs and it offers an easy way to collaborate with your team members. As a marketing team, Shelley and I often like to bounce ideas off one another. With Renew Link it was easy to share our screens and communicate with each other. However, if we needed our own space we still had that option.

Often when 2:00 pm hits energy levels can decrease, focus fades, and your mind might drift a bit. This did not happen when I spent the day working at the Renew Link system. My energy was high, my body felt great, my attention was devoted to my work and I didn’t want to leave this great workstation! It truly is innovating the way you can work with team members in this ergonomically friendly work atmosphere.

For more information on the Herman Miller Renew Link Workstation contact: 715.841.1955.

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