Honoring Compassion & Commitment

Imagine the healthcare team that has been at the hospital for a solid 24 hours straight. They are exhausted, hungry, and probably just want to go home. Yet, they continue to work hard to ensure the wellness and comfort of their patients.

The scenario above is not unusual. Many hospital workers spend lengthy hours doing their job to serve the community they live in. May 7th – 13th is National Hospital Week in which one is encouraged to celebrate hospitals and the individuals in the healthcare field for their commitment to health. In conjunction with this week The Samuels Group and Environments, are showing our appreciation for hospitals, their workers, and their volunteers with a series of blogs tailored to this very special industry.

We will be covering design and construction related topics including infection control, design influences on the patient experience, workflow and coordination in healthcare spaces, working within tight budgets, ergonomics, comfort, and finishing touches. We hope each of these topics bring new or helpful insights to the hospital work environment and the people working within.

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