Using Roller Shades to Blend Multi-Use Rooms

This manufacturing company was faced with the challenge of having to use one room for two very different purposes. The priority was to hold professional meetings and training sessions. The second function was to use the space for end of the day wellness classes which required the installation of mirrors along the wall. As you can imagine, it could be a little awkward holding an important discussion with full length mirrors staring back at you.

Our Environments team worked with the general contractor on roller shade options and began gathering ideas that would offer function and style to the space. We came up with a solution using roller shades that are motorized! Yes, that’s right, we used motorized shades to cover the windows and the mirrors while the room was used for meetings. We even went one step further and customized the shades with word clouds to provide a powerful visualization of the company’s values and culture. Once the meeting is finished, with a push of a button the shades go up, mirrors are exposed and the room is transformed for the next use.

Do you have a multi-purposed room facing a similar challenge or maybe a space that could use a refresh? Roller shades may be the perfect solution and we have many manufacturers and options to choose from. Call us at 715.841.1955 to learn more about how our team can help.

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