Sit, Sprawl, Lay! Swoop Lounge Furniture

If I told you there is a seating option so versatile it could be used in a student lounge, library, cafeteria, office, coffee shop, or even in your home… would you be curious? Well, industrial designer, Brian Kane, has created a product so flexible it can blend into almost any environment but his mission was much larger than creating furniture to fit spaces… he set out to design a seat that would be comfortable in many positions. Kane spent hours in higher education facilities when he realized that college students would sprawl, lay and sit on the arms of chairs. With this in mind, he created Swoop seating. The great thing about Swoop seating is that you can rest in it and roll your body into the forms of the arms.

Nicolet Technical College can speak to the versatility and durability of Swoop furniture as they are enjoying it in their student lounge and café! Our team met with the faculty to identify space requirements and the needs of their students. The Nicolet team was aware of the specific design in the Swoop seating and had requested our designers use it in the design layout. The plywood chairs and the modular seating were used to finish the spaces and create a comfortable area with everlasting style. Additionally, Swoop work tables were selected to replace the older tablet arm chairs because they are light-weight, durable and less likely to be damaged due to students sitting on them. The students now have a freshly renovated space that is functional and collaborative…even a little cozy with a fireplace view.

Are you intrigued on how the Swoop lounge furniture can enrich your space? We thought you might be! Contact Taylor Literski at 715.841.1953.

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