Innovate Your Conference Room With The Exclave System

Often times when you head into a conference room for a meeting the setting is generic. Long, rectangular table, limited power access with cables strewn every which way by your feet. There is a solution to these issues… it’s called the Exclave.

The Exclave is teardrop or guitar pick shaped. This table shape allows everyone to sit around the table without awkward “head of table” issues that make people feel uncomfortable to share their input. Additionally, this design allows for a clear sight line to video conferencing no matter where you decide to sit. The Exclave was also built with power access in mind! It gives you access to power during your team meetings and has a cable management system beneath it so you don’t have to worry about getting tangled up in all those cords! These features are great but the designers took this product even further and made it standing height with a foot ring. Would you be more productive in a meeting or collaborative session if you weren’t sitting back in a chair?

Nicolet Technical College saw the benefits of this table and decided to incorporate it into their conference room. They not only wanted to innovate and upgrade the student lounge, they wanted to update their internal meeting rooms to increase the satisfaction of their staff. The Exclave gave them a solution to technologically advance in their meetings without sacrificing comfort.

For more information on the Exclave system, contact Taylor Literski at 715.841.1953.

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