Two Affordable Products That Will Give Your Space a Sleek Look

Nicolet Technical College chose amazing furniture to give their spaces a modern look and feel while creating an adaptable environment. Swoop seating and the Exclave conference table were mentioned in Sit, Sprawl, Lay! Swoop Lounge Furniture and Innovate Your Conference Room With The Exclave System and we feel obliged to also introduce the Eames Molded Plywood Shell Stool and Shelving that was used to seamlessly pull these spaces together!

Eames Molded Plywood Shell Stool: This stool is an affordable option to amplify a space and add character with a classic look and that’s exactly why Nicolet Technical College used it in their student lounge. The style of this furniture is timeless so you won’t feel the need to upgrade to keep up with modern trends.

Shelving: Many people overlook simple details for their space needs. Nicolet Technical College knew they needed those little details, such as shelving, in their Mezzanine Library. Our design team channeled their creativity to find a cost-effective solution that wouldn’t sacrifice a sleek, finished look. The solution was to use shelving consisting of metal casing on the inside (to keep costs low) and adhering finished tops to achieve a high-end look.

Do these products sound like a great fit for your space? Contact our Environments team at 715.841.1903 for more information.

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