"Squeaky Cheese" Month?

Get ready for Monday, October 15th! Why? It’s National Cheese Curd Day of course!

At this point, if you aren’t from Wisconsin you are probably laughing. Truth is, cheese curds are a huge part of the Dairy State! If you do understand our love for cheese curds, you probably automatically think about deep fried cheese curds you can get from state fairs and restaurants. Now we are laughing at you! (Don’t get us wrong… we love deep fried cheese curds too.)

True Wisconsin cheese curds aren’t deep fried. They are usually made during the process of making cheddar cheese.

The freshest, best cheese curds will squeak as you bite into them! Our team can’t get enough of “squeaky cheese” and that’s why we are choosing to dedicate October to cheese curds and one of our recent clients, Mullins Cheese!

Now that we’ve got your attention and you are wondering what all the fuss is about, plan your visit to Mullins Cheese!

For more on the process of making fresh cheese curds click here!

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