7 Seconds to Impress

Your lobby is more important than you think. This space often provides the first impression of your business. Is it professional? Stylish? Welcoming? Your clients and potential employees are observing the minute they walk in the door! Mullins Cheese recognized this concept and decided to create a simple, clean look for their new office space.

The main product Mullins utilized to create an upscale look for their reception area was the Ethospace! This is the same product that Cloverbelt Credit Union used for their new headquarters however you would have no idea looking at the two buildings! That’s the great thing about this system, it is so versatile and can create any environment you are trying to provide. The Ethospace used by Mullins has a corian transaction top and creates a polished look without being built-ins.

The furnishings in your lobby go a long way in creating an environment that match your business and culture. Give Jenny Henke a call at 715.841.1955 to set up a consultation and learn how Environments can help create your ideal first impression!

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