How Color Impacts a First Impression

Think back to a company you recently visited. What was your first impression? According to R.J. Stelter, “Most subconscious opinions are formed within the first 90 seconds of seeing a space. What’s more, between 62 and 90 percent of those opinions are based on color alone.” That’s the power of perspective!

To make sure you make a positive lasting impression with your workplace visitors, stay up to date on the trending colors for 2018.

Sherwin Williams predicts there will be three trending bright colored pallets, “affinity (blue, fuschia and brown), connectivity (blue, green and hi-def yellow) and sincerity (neutrals, green and pink).” HGTV also released the colors that would take over their website in 2018 and revealed that dark hues would definitely be seen in their pictures.

As you can see, paint color plays an important role in your workplace visitors’ first impression of your business.

Need some help picking new colors to freshen up your office space? Our team would love to help you! Contact Taylor Literski at 715.841.1903 and get ready to start the new year with new colors!

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