Meet Lada

Lada Xiong-Vang, Business Development Manager for our Education and Government division, works with clients to help ensure their working environment is functional, meets expectations, and delivers an experience for sharing, learning, and improving.

Lada’s passion is creating spaces where people want to be! She is committed to bringing engagement, collaboration, and technology into these spaces so that people can achieve their best work. When she meets with her clients, she always discusses their short and long-term goals to help provide the right solutions. Things like what choices will they make in designing the space that accommodates and adapts to the inevitable change? How do they plan to foster organic learning and engagement in their work environment? How will they use technology to bring resident employees, touch-down employees, satellite employees, or business associates together? What kind of spaces do they need to support this kind of technology? What kind of environment will support each type of employee, student or user?

Lada believes a pre-requisite for success is to learn how to embrace flexibility, increase efficiency, and encourage mobility. She emphasizes it’s important to understand co-creating is the seed to fostering mutual ownership and engagement and it propels innovation. She aspires to help her clients and potential clients learn the value of engagement and collaboration in their work environments upfront to feel better and work smarter.

Be sure to follow our Facebook page and blog over the next few weeks as Lada shares more on collaboration, collaborative products and spaces, and dives into how collaboration can impact generational gaps.

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