An Easy Fix to Dealing with Generational Gaps in the Work Place

Do you work in an office that has to cater to millennials and baby boomers? The workforce is seeing this more and more often and businesses are struggling to figure out a way to retain their workers and to add new talent. So how can we mend this generational gap?

From the interior design aspect, incorporating collaborative furniture into the environment is one solution. This provides spaces for more engagement and lets the creative juices flow.

“Knowledge sharing is key no matter what generation you are. The blend of technology, education and experience has pushed the definition of being an expert. With five generations working together in the workforce it is pertinent to have employees who are willing to share and transfer knowledge.”

~Lada Xiong-Vang

Lada, Business Development Manager for Environments, works with clients at all levels facing this challenge. She recommends using products that foster organic learning and engagement in your work environment. Her top three recommendations to encourage collaboration between generations are:

  1. Kozmic – This system is flexible, comfortable, mobile, supports technology and different types of engagement and collaboration styles.

  1. Exclave – Several elements of this product make it a practical solution for offices with multi-generation employees. The standing height tables allow creative juices to flow and meetings to move quickly and productively. Additionally, no one person is at the head of the table which encourages everyone to be leaders. Anyone can join the meeting without a seat. The guitar/tear drop shape allows for clear sight lines at the table and during video conferencing.

  1. Spun Chair – This product is a key ice breaker for any environment! It’s engaging, functional, collaborative and high energy. Are you ready to start mending the generational gap in your work environment? Contact Lada at 715.409.1839 for more information on how we can help!

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