Do You Want A Technology-Friendly Work Space? Now You Can Have One!

Bill Gates once said, “we’re changing the world with technology.” At the time, many of us probably didn’t believe it. Today we know it! Technology is progressing at an astounding rate and challenging businesses to keep up.

Lada Xiong-Vang, Business Development Manager at Environments, often sees companies struggling with their not so technology-friendly spaces and products. This is a huge issue when it comes to productivity and employee efficiency. If your workspace doesn’t have the capability to adapt and support technology changes you will quickly fall behind.

To give a glimpse of what technology-friendly spaces look like, Lada shares three of her favorite products that support technology in a work environment: 1. V-Call by Herman Miller - The V-Call is changing spaces by allowing companies to move away from wall-mounted monitors. This creates more possibilities for flexible and efficient conference rooms or meeting spaces.

2. Layer by First Office - Layer is a podium/lectern on casters which makes it really easy to switch the layout of your work environment to fit your current and future needs.

3. Mobile Technology Carts by Herman Miller - Exactly what it sounds like! These carts roll so you can move them anywhere you want!

After seeing these options, how has your office space adapted to the technological changes? We would love to talk about your needs and share ideas that support technology and flexibility in any work environment. Contact Lada at for a free consultation.

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