Flip, Stack, Nest!

Have you been overwhelmed by the thought of turning your current work environment into a flexible and adaptable environment? You don’t have to flip your entire office space all at once!

There are simple changes you can make today to start transforming your work environment. One tip for beginning to create an adaptable environment is by selecting chairs that have flexible features or accessories that will introduce you to the idea of creating multi-use rooms or work spaces.

Flipping, stacking and nesting are three key features for adaptable spaces. Products with these capabilities give you the flexibility you need to transform your space within minutes to fit the current and future needs of your team.

We picked four of our favorite products that have flexible capabilities to help start you on the path to an adaptable work environment!

Flip Top Tables by Herman Miller - If you don’t have any flip top tables, you’re missing out! With the option to flip the top down you make it easier to store or just move the table out of the way.

Duet by Global - The Duet is quick to stack and simple to store without sacrificing quality.

Flexxy by OFS - Flexxy is stackable, has nesting capabilities and features a flex back for maximum comfort.

Flirt by Arcadia - Adaptable, comfortable, easy to use, nesting capabilities and a light-scale modern design. Flirt Guest is truly unique. This chair is made for collaborative environments without sacrificing visual appeal and comfort!

We just skimmed the surface of products that can help transform your environment. If you're looking for more products to begin creating a flexible space contact Taylor Literski at 715.841.1953 and set up your free consultation!

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