7 Things You Should Focus on In Your Training Space

Have you ever been in a work training session and found it impossible to focus and even more impossible to get comfortable?

A Herman Miller study found that seated people move their torso about 53 times per hour. Now imagine if they have an uncomfortable chair or environment?

Our business development team came up with seven things they think you should consider when developing an effective and efficient training space.

Engagement – Make sure you create a space that fosters engagement and provides opportunities for team members to collaborate with one another.

Technology – It’s not a shocker that technology is crucial for training purposes so leave the ancient times in the past and incorporate up-to-date technology in your space.

Organic layout – Organic layouts cultivate organic learning. Move away from long classroom style layouts and make it possible for everyone to see each other during your sessions.

Color – Color is important for creating the right atmosphere to learn in. For instance, picking a calming color pallet will foster learning.

Lighting – If the lighting is too dark people can feel tired. If the lighting is too bright some people may have headaches. The best way to solve lighting issues is to try to have plenty of natural light in your training room. If that’s not possible, pick light fixtures that will keep people awake and create a positive training atmosphere.

Temperature control – Can you focus if you are freezing? Can you focus if you are sweating? We didn’t think so! As little as it may seem, temperature control is a huge deal. Create a space that can easily adapt to changes in seasonal temperatures outside.

Comfortable furniture – The chairs and tables you choose for your training environment can make a huge impact on your team’s focus during sessions. Use supportive, adjustable chairs to give everyone the comfort they need and use tables that can adapt to any type of training session.

Not sure how to implement these tips into your training space, contact Taylor Literski at 715.841.1953 and set up a free consultation!

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