Introducing a Recliner that will Turbo-Charge Your Patient's Recovery Experience

It's easy to find ways to reinvent a chair. What's not easy is reinventing a chair without compromising comfort and functionality. This is where the Nemschoff Ava recliner is truly unique! The creators of this chair, David Ritch and Mark Saffell, wanted to eliminate the superfluous details often found in a typical hospital recliner to focus on meeting the challenges and space constraints in a patient room. They went so far as designing the Ava as a "smaller" chair to include an array of features and ergonomics to ensure comfort and patient utilization. This one-of-a-kind recliner is designed to bring luxury seating into healthcare patient rooms through four key elements: scale, function, comfort, and ease of use.

The Ava is perfectly sized and allows for maximized mobility, improved maneuverability and personalized comfort. The dual arm controls, pivoting arms and independent footrest controls are designed to help patients get out of bed and on the road to recovery! Patients can sit from an upright position in the Ava all the way to a reverse recline with head support for the entire range of motion. Lastly, the over-sized twin casters, central brake and steer and push bar improve the way the chair can move around the room in a graceful manner.

Ritch and Saffell didn't just reinvent a recliner, they are working on the much bigger picture of reinventing interior furniture solutions for healthcare environments to provide a better patient experience.

To learn more about the Ava, or to set up a demonstration, please contact Kelly Sampson at 715.423.2888.

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