Our NeoCon 2018 Faves!

Neocon 2018 did not disappoint! There were several products that our team was dying to tell us all about so we had them narrow it down and pick a few of their favorites!

The Keyn chair by Herman Miller was designed to respond to your body as you shift positions. The designers wanted to ensure that they were creating a chair that would keep your team engaged and awake during meetings, so they went ahead and created a seat that moves forward and allows you to recline up to 10 degrees. This feature supports the changes in your posture to keep you comfortable for extended periods of time.

The Leeway chair takes on a whole new look as it rocks a crescent-shaped, cantilevered backrest to support your elbows while still allowing side-to-side movements. This chair also has an optional seat pad option to maximize comfort.

Taper is an executive chair that gives the user the high-touch, high-comfort, high-performance product they are looking for. This chair keeps a slender profile and has a backrest designed to encourage people to adopt a more powerful seated posture. Ultimately, this chair is like riding in a luxury vehicle!

Cosm is the chair that you might just “forget you’re sitting in.” This chair has a sophisticated design that responds to your body so that every time you move the chair provides you with comfort, balance and support. You have the option to choose from a high, mid or low back and you can cater the arms to fit your needs with variations such as the leaf arm, fixed arm or adjustable arm!

Now that we’ve shared our favorites with you, which one is a must-have for your workspace?

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