Spring Yourself Free of Stress

April is Stress Awareness month and we want to share ideas with you to keep your work environment as stress-free as possible.

First, let’s talk natural light. Are there any windows near your desk or work area? If they are hidden or objects are blocking the incoming light make sure you free them as sunlight is known to make people happier.

Second, how often are you sitting? This is especially important if you have a desk job! Make sure you are getting up and moving a little bit every 20 minutes. This will decrease stress and also increase your productivity.

Third, reduce the amount of stress on your spine! Make sure the chair you are sitting in every day is meeting your needs. Everyone has a different spine and the chair you use needs to support and move with your spine.

Fourth, screen time. Most us stare at monitors all day long to get our work done. The problem here is that many of us don’t have the capability to move our monitors to a comfortable distance away from our eyes so our body adjusts however it needs to in order to put the eyes at the right distance. Solve this problem and reduce the stress on both your eyes and your body with an adjustable monitor arm!

Lastly, relax. The simplest and often most overlooked solution to staying stress-free is to take a few minutes to enjoy a little break from your task at hand and technology. Why not take a spin on the Spun Chair?

What are your favorite ways to relax during the work day?

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