The "Big Kahunas" That Will Transform Your Office

Now that we’ve introduced you to flexible and collaborative environments, start visualizing what your dream space could look like if you implemented some of these suggestions. Like what you see? Are you missing any key elements, or the Big Kahunas, that will help you transition to a flexible environment? The products below are sure to help!

Swoop Modular by Herman Miller – Designed for all the different ways people sit and easy to rearrange!

Social Chair of Public Office Landscape by Herman Miller – This seating accommodates and range of people and postures while encouraging purposeful interactions.

Plex by Herman Miller – Bringing the comfort of a residential environment to the workplace. Plex is crafted for everything from working to socializing.

Visit by Ideon – With a clean look, mobile options, and power modules, this customizable lounge line is convenient and simple.

Ready to update your environment? Give Taylor a call at 715.841.1953 to see how we can help!

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