The Secret to a Timeless Office System

Picture this: you have an old conference room, the wall tiles are burgundy and green, the chairs are tattered and worn, your employees are no longer able to collaborate due to the outdated distractions of your old facility.

This is real. Too often companies let this happen but not Cloverbelt Credit Union.

With the help of the Environments team they chose to freshen up their existing Herman Miller Ethospace system and create a more modern space for their employees! They liked this solution because…

It’s durable! The sturdy steel frame and interchangeable tiles make the system strong.

It combats trends! You don’t have to worry about it going out of style because there are dozens of tile options and they can be removed without any tools in seconds!

Ethospace is tailored for technology! Wires and cables sit in the spaces between the frames and tiles so they are out of your way and it’s easy to resize your work area!

It’s flexible! This system supports workspaces, benching, collaborative spaces, private spaces and meeting areas with beauty and style. The Ethospace will create a workplace that reflects your organization’s character and the unique activities of your team!

Now that you understand why Cloverbelt Credit Union decided to keep their Ethospace system to freshen their space, we’d love to share ideas with you on refreshing your Ethospace system or introducing it to your team!

Please contact Taylor Literski at 715.841.1953 for more information.

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