The Tools You Need To Spring Clean Your Workspace

It’s no surprise that we are about to bring up Spring cleaning. This topic is huge every year as people work on cleaning up their homes and offices before the nice weather fully sets in. Spring cleaning tends to make people feel more relaxed and ready for a “fresh start.” So now we ask you, is your work space ready for Spring or does it feel like a lost cause?

Workspace organization is key to creating an environment that will keep you relaxed and on task. A good way to stay organized is by utilizing paper tools and bins to make sure you can find everything you are looking for without sacrificing desk space.

Featured below is Laura Meurette’s desk. Laura is the Project Manager for Environments and has to make sure she stays organized so that each project is executed swiftly and efficiently. Laura uses both Herman Miller Ubi Work Tools and Trays to keep her work area clean and visually appealing.

Ubi Work Tools provide a rich experience for individuals while allowing them to arrange and rearrange the portfolio’s assortment of tools to fit their personal needs. The personalization of these items keeps employees feeling at home while in the office while maintaining spatial efficiency and visual hierarchy.

Herman Miller Trays are a simple tool for keeping supplies, small items, folders, and more off the desktop and within reach. These trays also are easily attached to all Herman Miller support rails or tool bars!

So now that we gave you some ideas for how to clean up your work area to have a fresh, Spring feel, we invite you to reach out to us so we can help you get started! Email us at and let us find the perfect products to meet your needs!

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