This is One Thing You Need to Include in an Open-Concept Office!

As popular as open-concept floor plans are becoming, there is still a need to provide employees with options for how they would like to work. Therefore, touchdown spaces have become increasingly popular.

A touchdown space is exactly what it sounds like. It’s meant to provide employees with the flexibility to move anywhere in the office and get their work done while providing them with the necessary environment to do their work.

These spaces provide an outlet for collaboration among team members as well as fuel creativity. They range from comfortable lounge spaces with computer docks to standing tables to large rectangular tables. The possibilities for touchdown spaces are endless!

Why is it important to consider including more touchdown spaces and less offices? About 30-50% of your day you are not at your assigned space and thus it remains unused. It’s time we cater to every team members needs and give them options for the type of space and environment they want to work in.

For more on open-concept spaces and creating touchdown spaces for employees contact Lada Xiong-Vang!

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