Why Ben’s Review of Herman Miller’s Prospect Has Me on The Edge of My Seat

Recently I sat down with Benjamin Heindl, Business Development Manager on our Environments’ team, and asked him which product was turning heads right now. His answer came quickly, Herman Miller’s Prospect.

Prospect is a portfolio of semicircular freestanding furniture that features whiteboards, tackable surfaces and media display in order to provide a creative oasis for team members.

Ben had the opportunity to test drive this product and described his experience with it as “providing him with a sense of security in an open environment.” He continued to say that even though it looks modern it holds a familiar feel and creates an exceptional level of comfort.

The top three features of Prospect according to Ben are:

  1. It allows team members to easily transition from working alone to working together.

  2. It encourages engagement while giving everyone the space to work comfortably together.

  3. It’s a versatile product!

After my interview with Ben I’ve concluded that this product truly can fit into any space because it has so many capabilities and doesn’t require any architectural walls for installation! I couldn’t help but further my research on this product and I found that there are three types of Prospect available: Creative, Media and Solo. For the rest of this month I’m going to show you how different each of these are and what they can offer your space!

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